Proposition 19

Proposition 19 – Prop 19 Tell Us What You Think!

Prop 19, also known as proposition 19 is aimed at regulating, controlling and hopefully tax the users of cannabis (Marijuana) in California. We all have the right to voice our opinion as American citizens and this article or platform, is intended to do just that. Please tell us why you think Californians should vote yes or no to this proposition.

Please be polite in putting across your opinion. There is absolutely no need to be derogatory and violate other people rights. Let’s be adults about it and let’s treat each other with the respect they deserve.

To start the discussion, let me use this opportunity as the author of this article to view my concern. As a professional in health industry and an expert in addictions and addiction recovery, i encourage all Californians to vote no to the proposition. My work entails daily interactions with the victims of marijuana addictions and other drugs and I will do anything in my power and is legal to stop Prop 19.

Marijuana does more harm than good when in the hands of wrong people. It is true marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes, but what is the percentage of people using it for medicine. Another disturbing factor is that, most of the addicts that started using it for medicinal purposes. I will definitely vote yes for health professionals to use marijuana for medicinal purpose and at the same time, i will vote No for ordinary people to have access to marijuana.

Ok, let me here your site of the story, invite your friends and let’s start the discussion.

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